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No Hot Water Fairlight

Johnny was enjoying his apprenticeship as a plumber on the Northern Beaches. He was working with a guy based in Fairlight who was really keen for him to learn the trade well and become an outstanding plumber in his own right. He took the time to explain jobs to Johnny so he could not only understand how to fix something but why he was fixing something.

The Office dispatched Stew to his next job where they conducted a free plumbing inspection. The customer was grateful for the thorough check of her home. Stew asked Johnny “So do you know what an anode is?” “Not really.”

“Well and Anode is a magnesium rod that is installed inside a hot water tank. It is the only thing that protects the tank’s steel cylinder from severe corrosion resulting in premature tank failure. Every hot water tank comes with one yet will only last about 3-5 years. Once the Anode is depleted there is nothing to stop the destructive effects of corrosion on the tank.”

Stew unscrewed the top of the customer’s tank and inspected the anode to find it had rusted through. “OK this is a great example, if a customer decides to replace the anode, their tank will last up to twice as long, this will save them money.”

“How does it save money?” Johnny asked. Well by replacing the anode it will minimise the chance of the tank bursting in the next few years thus extending the life of the tank.

I will have to check with Mum and Dad if they have had our tank looked at, I am sure it must be close to 5 years old.

If you need a new anode or you have any issues with your Fairlight hot water supply call us on 0421 913 149.

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