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Blocked Drains

Chris had bought a neat townhouse in Fairlight so that he could be close to his friends and the beach. It was small but…

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Hot Water

Johnny was enjoying his apprenticeship as a plumber on the Northern Beaches. He was working with a guy based in…

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Emergency Plumbing

Laurie drove along in his four wheel drive towing his brand new boat. He had worked long and hard to save up for his boat…

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Pipe Relining

Fact’s About Fairlight

Fairlight is a northern suburb of Sydney, situated 13 kilometres north-east of the city’s CBD. Fairlight is one of the suburbs that makes up Sydney’s Northern Beaches region.
Fairlight Beach is positioned along the Manly Scenic Walkway and is a much loved place for swimming and snorkelling, Many Sydneysiders and visitors use the beach as a vantage point to sit and watch yacht races on the harbour. The suburb also houses the Manly Golf Club. Other landmarks include a cemetery located in Griffiths Street and the Manly Fire Station, situated on Fairlight’s Sydney Road.
At Christmas time, Fairlight’s Edmin Street – site of the annual Christmas Lights fundraising competition – becomes illuminated with Christmas lights. Just as lights can unexpectedly stop working for you, so can your plumbing. While a leaky tap or blocked drain can be very inconvenient, a plumbing issue doesn’t need to remain a nuisance for long. Your friendly plumbers at Plumber Fairlight can fix any plumbing problem you have fast!

Want a same day plumbing service that is fast, professional, friendly and affordable? Look no further than Plumber Fairlight! Call us today on 0402 290 290. Online bookings with Plumber Fairlight can save you $25! It’s our way of saying ‘thank you’.

Plumber Fairlight is pleased to offer the following plumbing services:

Hot water heater system reconditioning or replacing
Sewer system reconditioning
Maintenance of old toilets or installation of a replacement toilet
All pipework repairs, including pipe relining services
Maintenance or replacement of your old tapware
Rainwater tank installation and care
All types of gas line repairs

Seven reasons why Plumber Fairlight is your number one choice for plumbing services:


PROFESSIONAL TRADESMEN: Whilst on the job, all our plumbers wear neat work uniforms and do a thorough tidy up after completing their plumbing work at your premises. We won’t leave a mess for you!


HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY: At Plumber Fairlight, we value integrity and are always transparent about our prices. The price we give you before starting a job is guaranteed and will not contain any hidden charges


100% QUALITY SERVICE: We fully guarantee all the work that our plumbers carry out and assure complete customer satisfaction


OUR SERVICES ARE AFFORDABLE: Before leaving your premises, your helpful plumber from Plumber Fairlight will take a look at the rest of your plumbing at no extra charge to make sure there are no other problems that need to be addressed. Now, that’s great service!


ROUND THE CLOCK EMERGENCY SERVICES: Burst water pipe at 1:54am? Never fear! Plumber Fairlight operates 24 hours a day, every single day of the year. If you need us, we’re here to tackle any size plumbing emergency – no matter when it occurs


EQUIPPED AND PUNCTUAL – EVERY TIME: Plumber Fairlight’s vans are stocked with the supplies and tools our plumbers need to address your plumbing job. What’s more, they will arrive at your property when they say they will!


COMMITTED PLUMBERS : Our plumbers at Plumber Fairlight are highly skilled, experienced professionals who take great pride in all of the work that they carry out, no matter whether the job is big or small


what clients say

If the water doesn’t fall, just give Plumber Fairlight a call – just like Jimmy and Susie did!

Jimmy and Susie were thrilled about their friends Bob and Marie who were arriving from the U.S. to stay with them later that evening. They’d never been to Australia before, so Jimmy and Susie were excited about accommodating them and showing them the sights of beautiful Sydney, particularly the Northern Beaches region where they lived as the couple were both avid body surfers. When Jimmy heard Susie exclaim, ‘Oh no!’ he knew something was amiss as Susie was usually a very calm person. Jimmy asked her what was wrong as he walked in the direction of her voice and she told him the toilet water wasn’t flushing. Repeat flushes only made the water level in the toilet bowl rise faster. Panic struck Susie as she thought of her visitors arriving in a matter of hours. Jimmy told Susie not to worry as he was sure that Plumber Fairlight could save the day again. They were fantastic at solving a pipe leak issue earlier in the year.

Jimmy called Plumber Fairlight promptly and was told a plumber would be over in a short time. Sure enough, there was a knock at the door soon after Jimmy’s phone call to Plumber Fairlight and it was the same plumber who had worked on their pipes! He told Jimmy and Susie that the blockage was likely to be caused by one of two things: an obstruction in the pipes by something flushed that shouldn’t have been, or obstruction caused by the invasion of tree roots – one of the biggest culprits of blockages in plumbing. After a quick inspection of the pipes via a sewer camera, the plumber found that the cause of the obstruction of water flow was a bunch of baby wipes that got lodged in the pipes. When he informed Susie and Jimmy of this, they were surprised. Neither of them used baby wipes for anything and if they did, they knew better than to try and flush them down a toilet. They had a bunch of friends over for morning tea that morning, some with infants and toddlers in tow, so it must have been one of their parent friends! The plumber left briefly to fetch some tools from his van to retract the wipes which he did quickly. He then flushed the toilet and the water went down in a quick swirl as it should! Jimmy and Susie especially we very relieved! Plumber Fairlight had come to the rescue once again. Jimmy and Susie had a glass of wine on the couch and went back to relaxing and making plans for their friends’ stay.
When a plumbing disaster strikes, don’t panic! Rest assured that Plumber Fairlight is only a phone call away on 0402 290 290. We’ll take care of you!

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