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When choosing a home to buy, it’s important of course to take note of any internal problems it may have. One problem you should look out for is a drain blockage. It may be just a simple problem that can be sorted out using a plunger, drain snake and/or a chemical cleaner, but these solutions are not always effective.

When none of the above solutions work, you should immediately suspect a sewer blockage. To confirm that a sewer blockage has indeed occurred, look out for the following signs:

    • Drains bubble and gurgle
    • Drains empty of wastewater slowly
    • Constantly rising water in the toilet bowl
    • Overflow of the sewer gully
    • Bad odours being emitted from different sections of the property

If you notice any of the above signs, professional help is needed. Sewer blockages are commonly caused by roots that have made their way in the sewer pipes through the cracks on their surfaces, and they can only be dealt with via the following means:

    • Sewer line cleaning using an electric eel, which is a machine similar to a plumbing snake
    • Pipe relining

Before the electric eel is used to clean the interior of the sewer line, portions of the property are dug up first. Each section of the sewer line is then assessed until the blockage is found, and once its location and severity have been determined, it is then broken up using the electric eel. Pipe replacement may be performed immediately afterwards.

The first solution is expensive and time-consuming. Fortunately, you do not need to spend much money or have to deal with parts of your property looking like a construction site when you choose the revolutionary method of pipe relining instead.

Here is a rundown of the other advantages of the pipe relining process:

    • The lining, being made of fibreglass, is as durable as another pipe, making pipe replacement unnecessary.
    • Since digging is not necessary with pipe relining, you do not have to worry about hiring a landscaper to repair your damaged landscape.
    • The lining that is installed is very thin, so you don’t have to worry about the interior diameter of the sewer pipe being reduced.

Below are the steps involved in pipe relining:

    • An access point is created somewhere in the property.
    • Once the sewer line is accessible, footage of the sewer line interior is taken with a CCTV camera so that the plumbing team can aware of the extent and exact location of the blockage.
    • The blockage is then broken up using a high-pressure drain cleaner.
    • The resin-soaked lining is set up in the sewer line interior and left for typically a couple of hours or so until it dries.
    • To ensure the team did the task well, a second video of the newly-installed pipe lining is taken.

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