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Plumbing Emergency Fairlight

Laurie drove along in his four wheel drive towing his brand new boat. He had worked long and hard to save up for his boat and finally he picked it up from the boat yard this afternoon. It was a 5 meter long boat designed for comfort and fishing. He was so excited to get it home to Fairlight and show his wife.

As he approached the driveway he pulled up on the kerb. The last thing he wanted to do was pay for a new fence as well! He parked the car and boat on the street and made sue it was safe before going into the house and calling out his wife to help guide him in the driveway.

“Wow Loz, it is beautiful! Those chairs look really comfortable too.” Nat then was in charge of helping Laurie get the boat into the driveway. Lucky they lived on a quiet street so there would be little chance that he would have to worry about holding up traffic while he reversed into the driveway.

Laurie had cleared a huge space in the garage to part the boat to keep it out of the weather. He had decided that he would reverse in the driveway then back the boat straight into the shed. He checked that the gate was wide enough to fit the boat and made his first attempt.

He checked there was no traffic and cautiously pulled across the roadway. He lined up the gate then started to reverse. Nat was watching the entire time and was helping navigate through the gates. He was doing really well and almost made it first time. He decided to pull across the road one more time just to get the trailer straighter. He reversed into the driveway again and he was almost perfectly straight.

He started to make the small swing around into the garage when he looked up to see Nat frantically waving at him to stop. He applied the brake suddenly and Nat approached the car. “Forgot about the garden tap – you just clipped it with the trailer, I am going inside to call a plumber.”

Laurie was angry with himself for not thinking about the garden tap. Water was spraying everywhere so he turned the water main off until Nat had called the plumber.

She enquired on the internet for Emergency Plumber Fairlight and she saw Your Neighbourhood Plumber had an afterhours emergency service. She called 0421 913 149 and was relieved they could attend the job this afternoon.

The Fairlight plumber fixed the problem and even installed a new tap called a quarter turn that did not require any washers. Laurie was just happy that he didn’t scratch the boat!

In the event of a Fairlight Plumbing Emergency call the plumbers you can trust on 0421 913 149.

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